Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~ Happy New Year 2011 ~

Every day I have a list of what to do (mainly), every month I have a list of what to pay(definitely), and every year I have a list of what to change(ultimately). This year, my new year resolution is very simple, almost like last year (to complete those which has not been completed) – ! Yes, I’ve finished part of it in 2010. So I make myself some new resolution with highest hope that I’ll be able to accomplished at least the rest of them :D

2010 to me is a very challenging year, both exciting and frustrating. It made me realize that what I seek is not what I really want, what I kept is not what I really treasured, and what I hoped for is not what I will always get. It taught me to lie, faced deception, created misfortunes and delusion, conquering my biggest fear. It tested my patience, my will, my acceptance, my tolerance and my inner strength.

Therefore for 2011, I’ll do my best to overcome my shortcomings, and believe in myself more instead of trusting illogical explanation. And never to look back on things I’ve misses most in my life hoping it will make me feel better, but look forward to things that actually makes me feel happy.

Overall, I’m glad that my search is finally over, even with unexpected consequences, that I don’t have to search anymore. But that is between ‘you and me’, dear diary :)

Looking forward to a new chapter in my life, signing off for 2010!